Help Wanted

Dear Parents,

Listen to the sound of music in our schools!!  We are lucky to have wonderful teachers in La Center.  They provide our children with
the best music and performing arts instruction.  The teachers need our support to maintain La Center’s long standing tradition of great

The La Center Music Association is a group of volunteers who organize activities and fundraisers to help provide students and teachers
with the tools they need to succeed.  The LCMA manages the LC Holiday Village Bazaar, awards 4 scholarships to LC Middle and High
school students for lessons, assists with the High School fund-raisers for trips, and grants scholarships to Seniors attending college.  All
of these activities take many hours, but the payoff is great.

If everyone with a student in music or performing arts volunteers a couple of hours, the work load would be light and the results would
be amazing!

Please reach out to La Center Music with your availability @ or give your information to a teacher.
Please print and return to a Music or Performing Arts teacher
(Check as many boxes as you would like)

I will:
        Help Holiday Village Bazaar Set-up on Friday night
        Volunteer at the Holiday Village Bazaar
        Serve on Scholarship Committee for LCMS and LCHS Recipients (Spring)
        Join the LCMA Board and attend meetings
        Suggestions/Other_____________________________________________________________

Name:  ______________________________________    Student Name(s) _________________________
Email:   _______________________________/Phone#_________________ Grade(s) _______________

Please provide your email, phone number, student name and grade.  We will send out various e-mails through the year
regarding the above events.  Thank you so much for your time!