The La Center Music Association is an all volunteer team which supports La Center schools
through events and fund raising.  The goal is to help fill some of the needs of the Music and
Performing Arts programs to benefit the students.  Volunteers are critical to the success.

How Can I Help?

1.  Encourage your student to participate in Music and Performing Arts.

2.  Support La Center's Music and Performing Arts Directors.  Keep up-to-date on events.  
The teacher calendar links are available on the "Calendar" page.  

3.  Volunteer!  There are many tasks, small and large, which all contribute to successful
events.  Some take only a couple hours and can be done over the phone or at home.  If you
have a particular talent or interest, let us know.

Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteers work 4 hours from approximately 5pm - 9pm at home games for volleyball.  The
tasks include cooking popcorn and hot dogs, sales transactions, and clean up.  Concession
money goes to the ASB Music Fund and allows the Band to attend district and state games,
as well as festival trips.  Please contact Mr. Cameron directly if you would like to volunteer to
work in the concessions.


There are a variety of jobs connected with the Christmas Bazaar.

  • Kitchen
  • Set-up & Decorating
  • Clean-up
  • Vendor Unloading
  • Volunteer Coordinator

If you would like to volunteer for any of these positions or would like more information,
please contact us @   THANK YOU for volunteering!  We look
forward to another great year.